1. Anonymous said: Waittt, do you really have stuff of your sister??

    fuck yeahh.. did you think i wasn’t going to snoop through her computer..


  2. Anonymous said: I beg of you to do a series like your graduation series but with bro sis related main characters. Are you willing to do this?

    hahahhaha.. yes i am.. hold tight..

  3. Anonymous said: I assume u remember The Graduation series. If you could make one of those with the main characters being bro and sis you'd make a lot of followers very happy and hard.

    okay.. ill take that on.. watch this space..

  4. thickwives4bbc said: Hi. Hot blog!! I am hot for my mother in law. And I have some stories about her I would share if you were interested. Let me know and/or ask me anything you want. How old was your sister when you first realized she was a slut? How did you find out?

    tell me about these stories you dont mind sharing..

  5. jacks-and-marbles said: Private. So I got another phone line so I could text my sister. It's been lots of fun.

    reallly… tell me more..

  6. samsplacetobe said: I wanna know all about your family:)

    my family is a normal family… well except for my sisters dirty ways..

  7. porn-porn-anime-games-porn said: just followed your blow and its amazing man! love it! mind if i ask how you found out your older sister is a slut? and if you had the chance would you fuck her? just curious haha

    i think i would fuck the shit out of her given the chance.. lot of shit has happened lately that is driving me crazy..

  8. Anonymous said: Have you ever posted your story about your older sister? I looked a little for it, but there's no FAQ or anything. Sorry!

    no i haven’t .. but i am considering based on requests…

  9. pentdragon said: So respectfully, where are your sisters pics?

    on my usb drive.. hahaha

  10. Anonymous said: Love ur post I really like the brother sister ones it reminds me of when me and my sister were younger and would play with each other in the woods or our bedrooms we only did oral n a lot of 69 but anyway would love more bro sis pic keep it up

    will do.. i take it you don’t “play” with your sister anymore.

  11. kittysaddiction said: Hello - this isn't a bot, it's Brendakitty! I saw you ‘liked’ a picture of a deviant oral nature. My original blog, Sisterhood of the Full Mouth, that was killed without warning by tumblr was full of that kind of stuff. I’m starting anew so come check out my re-boot!


  12. damnitsexy said: Ever considered making your blog infinite scroll compatible?


  13. Anonymous said: I feel better knowing other people are into incest

    i still fell fucked about it.. i know its wrong but i just can’t hwelp myself..

  14. Anonymous said: Your blog makes me so wet, mmmmm

    that just made me hard,..

  15. Anonymous said: I'm female(;

    love it..